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Quality Cartier Watch Repair

When we think of Cartier watches, we think of luxury and class! These premium timepieces typically come with a certificate of authenticity to depict their high-end status. However, normal wear can impact their look or functionality.

Worry not. Fast-Fix has your back. Just schedule a professional watch repair service, and your watch will be as good as new within no time.

DIY or Professional: Who Should Replace a Cartier Watch Battery?

We recommend going with expert watchmakers if you're looking to replace your Cartier watch battery. That's the only way to ensure correct service the first time around. What's more, the professional watchmaker can replace worn-out gaskets and perform a pressure test to ensure water resistance, inhibit moisture buildup and prevent the corrosion of internal parts.

DIYing isn't a good idea as you probably lack the tools and technical know-how for proper service. Moreover, you might damage other watch components during disassembly and assembly.

How Long Does It Take to Have a Broken Watch Fixed?

Depending on the repair and the amount of work needed, the process may take hours, days or weeks. Simple services, such as battery or strap replacement, may be completed within a few hours at your local Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs location.

Why Fast-Fix for Your Watch Repair?

At Fast-Fix, we believe that the level of quality we put into every service appointment speaks of our finesse. Choosing us means working with skilled watchmakers and repair technicians who have an eye for detail. We also handle all requests in-store, ensuring the safety of your valuable timepiece and timely service delivery.

Contact us for all your watch repairs, and learn why customers have trusted our watch repair company for over 40 years.

What Other Services Can Fast-Fix Provide?

Besides repairs, Fast-Fix provides these services:

  • Strap resizing. Our expert service techs are proficient with band adjustment, whether you need to shorten or lengthen the straps. We can also replace the watchband to revamp your Cartier watch for a fresh look.
  • Regular maintenance. Beginning with a detailed inspection, we'll check the status of your premium watch and fine-tune it to its original factory specifications.
  • Watch cleaning. Our watch cleaning and polishing services help remove any dirt that could affect functionality. We'll carefully disassemble the watch, clean the case and the bracelet, test the movement and polish the stones and metal casing for a sparkling finish.
  • Watch engraving. Our skilled engravers can custom engrave your message on the watch you wish to gift to a loved one.
  • Appraisals. If you want to sell your timepiece online or generate an appraisal report for insurance purposes, our appraisal specialists can help.

How Often Should You Have Your Cartier Watch Serviced?

We recommend servicing your mechanical Cartier watch every 5-10 years and changing the battery on your quartz watch after 2 years. But these estimates can vary depending on the frequency of the use of your timepiece.

If you wear your watch daily, consider servicing it before the 5-year mark. Otherwise, a repair or maintenance appointment is necessary whenever you notice time gain or loss. The Fast-Fix crew is always ready to serve you.