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Bulova Watch Repair & Service

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Bulova Watch?

If your Bulova watch is no longer working, it's time to seek repair services. One of the first questions you may want to ask is how much the repair will cost.

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. Several factors impact the cost of your repairs, including what type and style of watch you have.

Some Bulova styles are more affordable to repair than others. It depends on the design and features. For example, self-winding automatic watches cost more to repair than quartz movement watches because of all the small parts used in the automatic design.

Some of the factors that impact the cost and a cost estimate can be found here.

Mechanical Watch Overhaul

This is a complex and in-depth procedure that requires the watch repair person to take the watch apart and replace the old parts with new ones. Each part will be inspected and cleaned before being reassembled. The age and movement of the watch will impact the cost as well.

Battery Replacement

If your watch cannot keep time, the issue is likely with the battery. In this case, the rest of the watch would be in perfect working condition.

New Strap or Bracelet

If there was a malfunction in materials, it may be the strap or bracelet that needs replacing. The cost for this depends on the material of the strap.

Crystal Replacement

If your watch’s crystal is scratched or cracked, it must be replaced. The crystal is designed to protect the watch dial and help reduce glare. The crystals are often made of glass, genuine or synthetic sapphire, or acrylic. If the watch crystal is getting scratched regularly, it's smart to update to an option that is scratch-resistant.

How Long Does Repair Take?

The time needed to repair a watch depends on the brand and the repairs that are needed. You can rest assure Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs will be able to provide the service as promptly as possible.

What Other Services Can Fast-Fix Provide?

Besides the services mentioned above, our experienced and professional team at Fast-Fix offers several other services.


Having your watch professionally cleaned means it will look new once again. Also, this service can help extend the life of your watch since we will be able to evaluate the condition and any issues the watch may have.


Resizing a band or bracelet is also possible. Different materials have different resizing processes, and we can discuss the right option for your watch bracelet, strap or band when you visit the store.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance for your watch will also help to extend its life. Our professionals can help you know what type of maintenance is needed for the watch you have.

Having your Bulova watch professionally cleaned offers several benefits. Doing this will help it look new longer and remove dirt and debris that may damage or scratch the watch components.

How Often Should You Get Regular Maintenance Done on Your Bulova Watch?

If your Bulova watch has begun to lose time, it could be the battery or something else. The manufacturer recommends that your watch be serviced every 3-5 years. This will ensure that any issues with it are found and fixed before they get worse.